Fair Trade – Social Responsibility

Fair Trade means that people in poorer countries who grow or make what we buy get a fair price, a decent wage and good working conditions. This applies also to our local context in our communities with our farmers and workers everywhere.

Social Enterprise. Social responsible business. What does it mean?

Social enterprise businesses are created to help solve or alleviate a problem that affects society. Divas Fair Trade looks to help alleviate Social Justice issues by creating work opportunities thru Fair Trade opening a window for people to break the circle of poverty, get an education and live with dignity.

What does that mean to me?

and that means to you, the consumer, can rest assured that your choices are not adding to someone else’s misfortune. That makes you also a responsible consumer. When you make a purchase from us, you know YOU are making a direct impact on peoples lives worldwide.

I want to take action and support Fair Trade. What can I do?

This is the most important part: “ACTION”. You can help us educate others, like us on facebook , buy from our Gift Shop, Shop Online, or host a Divas Night Out for your friends and family at your own house, workplace or community group or church.

Also you can help spread the word about our socially responsible projects.