Our Story

Divas Fair Trade is a socially responsible organization based in Minnesota (since 2004), that looks to create equal opportunities for women and disenfranchised people worldwide.

We carry a wide selection of sophisticated fashion accessories and gifts from over 15+ countries; generating work opportunities for thousands of people, especially women’s cooperatives and family groups.

We invite you to exercise your ethical shopping by visiting us online or finding us on your favorite social media channel.

About the Owners…

Guisela and Juan have been living in Minnesota for over 15 years. The Peruvian couple arrived with only two suitcases and a few hundred dollars in their pockets but with big dreams in their hearts.

“Being an immigrant is not easy at all. We had to learn the language first and work very hard. We thank God for every opportunity we have had, for our daughters, our health, happiness and of course good friends”, said Guisela.

To this day, we still pursue our dreams to create a better world and leave a better place for our children and their children.

We spend time in our communities raising awareness towards creating equal opportunities  for women and men, locally and abroad through entrepreneurial projects with social responsibility on mind.

“We understand the challenges of being entrepreneurs, especially for women and the communities of color. We believe we can create positive change while still following our passion for entrepreneurship, education micro-lending and economic development”, said Juan.

If you are interested to continue a conversation with Juan and Guisela about initiatives to close the educational gap, income gap and such, we would love to hear from you!

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We also have a pdf format file you can access to download and print.

Click here to access Divas Fair Trade Fashion Accessories “Our Story” in pdf format.