Gift Shop

Being Part of the Community.

The Divas Fair Trade Waconia Gift Shop project was started in 2009. This cute little shop features gifts and fashion accessories from around the world.
Gift Shop : Incenses, oils, feng shui, yoga, books, relaxation products.
Gift Shop : Incenses, oils, feng shui, yoga, books, relaxation products.
Part of our work is to educate our local communities about the impact of people’s shopping habits.Therefore, this project allow us to bring sophisticated fashionable accessories the community can enjoy and to also, create a space for positive discussion and education.
We are proud to be an active part of the community, supporting local fundraiser and initiatives that empower youth to learn about multiculturalism, discover new ways of thinking and exercise their tolerance.

We also carry FT Organic Certified Lucky Chango Specialty Coffee, a coffee that it’s not only good but that it also support Micro-Lending (interest free) which allow people worldwide access to a working capital to purchase food for their animal, put a roof on their homes, finish schools, improve their communities, or start a business). These micro-loans are meant to be re-paid, so they go in the pool and help other projects too.

Give someone a fish, feed him/her for one day. Teach him/her how to fish, feed him/her forever.

Divas Fair Trade Gift Shop is located inside Mackenthun’s Fine Foods.

We are proud to be in a wonderful space where the Waconia and surrounding communities meet every day.
Mackenthun’s is a great example of local business that give back to their community, so it’s a place that fits well with our business model.
Learn a bit more about their owners:

Mackenthun’s Fine Foods

Still family-owned today.

Today, Kim and Laurie Mackenthun and their family (4th and 5th generation) operate a full-service supermarket with all the convenience of the big city, but inside the doors you’ll still find the old-fashion pride of a small-town butcher shop. Their award-winning meat department and homemade sausage have won national acclaim and they are dedicated to making every batch of delicious homemade sausage the same as it was in the early 1900s.


About Waconia.

The city of Waconia, in Carver County, Minnesota, has a long and rich history. Located just thirty miles southwest of the Twin Cities on the south shore of Lake Waconia, it has long been a tourist destination.
Waconia Street 1900's
Waconia Street 1900’s
Dakota groups lived in the area near the lake for a long time. They called the lake Meday Wa Ko Ni Ya. This meant “lake of the fountain” or “lake of the spring”. Contemporary Dakota translate it as “out of the water comes life”. Early white settlers adopted this name for the lake and the town. Over time, it evolved into “Waconia”.